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Un-restricted Authorized Stockage Listing (ASL)

National Guard Bureau has authorized the NGMMC to make certain un-restricted items available for ARNG states to order without explicit NGB authorization.  States can order by contacting NGMMC Program Manager or Supervisor here or states can order online with the proper user account.  Please review the un-restricted item info below and/or proceed to the online ordering section of the NGMMC website. NOTE: This listing will change as stock availability changes.

COAT MAN'S 38 LC69198015522936
COAT MAN'S 38RC69198015522898
COAT MAN'S 42RN/A015522968
COAT MAN'S 52 LNGC69198015523003
COAT MEN'S 37 LN/A015522891
COAT MEN'S 41 LN/A015522962
COAT MEN'S 43 RN/A015522972
COAT MEN'S 44 RN/A015522977
COAT MEN'S 46 RN/A015522986
COAT MEN'S 48 LN/A015522994
COAT MEN'S 48 RN/A015522992
COAT MEN'S 50 RN/A015522996
COAT MEN'S 52 RN/A015523000
COAT MEN'S 32LC69198015522821
COAT MEN'S 33 LC69198015522826
COAT MEN'S 34RC69198015522832
COAT MEN'S 35LC69198015522846
COAT MEN'S 36LC69198015522861
COAT MEN'S 39SC69198015522940
COAT MEN'S 50LC69198015522997
COAT MENS 36 XLC69198015522862
COAT MN 31 RC69198015522819
COAT MN BLU 36R CLAN/A015522860
COAT MN BLU 37R CLAN/A015522888
COAT MN BLU 39R CLAN/A015522942
COAT, MEN'S 34LC69198015522833
COAT, MEN'S 46 XL ATHC69198015523141
COAT, MEN'S 48 R ATHC69198015523149
COAT, WOMEN'S 10 MRC46153015522303
COAT, WOMEN'S 12 MRC46153015522310
COAT, WOMEN'S 12 WRC46153015522488
COAT, WOMEN'S 14 RC46153015522682
COAT, WOMEN'S 16 MRC46153015522319
COAT, WOMEN'S 16 WRC46153015522687
COAT, WOMEN'S 16 WTC46153015522688
COAT, WOMEN'S 18 MRC46153015522322
COAT, WOMEN'S 20 MRC46153015522326
COAT, WOMEN'S 20 WRC46153015522694
COAT, WOMEN'S 22 MRC46153015522330
COAT, WOMEN'S 24 MRC46153015522332
COAT, WOMEN'S 26 MRC46153015522335
COAT, WOMEN'S 4 MRC46153015522296
COAT, WOMEN'S 6 MRC46153015522298
COAT, WOMEN'S 8 MRC46153015522361
COAT, WOMEN'S 8 WRC46153015522481
COAT, WOMEN'S 6 WRC46153015522475
COAT, WOMEN'S 8 WP C46153015522480
COAT,MANS 40 LONGN/A015522950
COAT,MANS 41 SHORTN/A015522960
COAT,MANS 42 LONGN/A015522969
COAT,MANS 43 LONGN/A015522973
COAT,MANS 43 SHORTN/A015522971
COAT,MANS 44 LONGN/A015522978
COAT,MANS 46 LONGN/A015522989
PAD KNEE CMBT U RG-XXLP48290015204086
PAD KNEE CMBT U XS-SP48290015204077
SKIRT WM 18 WRS67289015520400
SKIRT WM 20 WRS68804015541200
SKIRT WM 22 WRS68804015520598
SKIRT WM 24 WRS68804015520604
SKIRT WM 26 MSRS67289015519750
SKIRT WOMEN'S 8 M RN/A015519238
SKIRT WOMEN'S 6 M RN/A015519229
SKIRT WOMEN'S 8 W RN/A015520363
SKIRT WOMEN'S 10 J RS67289015514668
SKIRT WOMEN'S 10 M PS67289015517432
SKIRT WOMEN'S 10 M RS67289015519248
SKIRT WOMEN'S 10 M TS67289015519766
SKIRT WOMEN'S 10 W PS67289015520252
SKIRT WOMEN'S 10 W RS67289015520370
SKIRT WOMEN'S 12 J TS67289015516017
SKIRT WOMEN'S 12 M TS67289015519886
SKIRT WOMEN'S 12 W RS67289015520381
SKIRT WOMEN'S 12 W TS67289015520661
SKIRT WOMEN'S 14 J PS67289015514619
SKIRT WOMEN'S 14 J RS67289015514723
SKIRT WOMEN'S 14 W RS67289015520398
SKIRT WOMEN'S 16 J PS67289015514643
SKIRT WOMEN'S 16 J RS67289015515024
SKIRT WOMEN'S 16 JR TS67289015516209
SKIRT WOMEN'S 16 M RS67289015519279
SKIRT WOMEN'S 16 W RS67289015520399
SKIRT WOMEN'S 16 W TS67289015520697
SKIRT WOMEN'S 18 M RS67289015519313
SKIRT WOMEN'S 20 M RS67289015519698
SKIRT WOMEN'S 22 M RS67289015519707
SKIRT WOMEN'S 24 M RS67289015519742
SKIRT WOMENS 4 MRS67289015519199
SKIRT WOMENS 20JRS67289015515935
SKIRT WOMENS 22JR RS67289015515943
SLACK'S WOMEN'S W/B 12 WPN/A015524698
SLACK'S WOMEN'S W/B 12 WRN/A015524699
SLACK'S WOMEN'S W/B 16 MRN/A015524672
SLACK'S WOMEN'S W/O 10 MRN/A015524119
SLACK'S WOMEN'S W/O 10 WRN/A015524187
SLACK'S WOMEN'S W/O 12 JLN/A015524076
SLACK'S WOMEN'S W/O 12 JSN/A015524074
SLACK'S WOMEN'S W/O 12 MSN/A015524121
SLACK'S WOMEN'S 16JRS68804015524092
SLACK'S WOMEN'S 22JRS68804015524099
SLACKS, WOMEN 6 WLN/A015524691
SLACKS, WOMEN'S 10 WSS68804015524186
SLACKS, WOMENS 10 MRN/A015524657
SLACKS, WOMENS 14 JSN/A015524625
SLACKS, WOMENS 22 MRN/A015524146
SLACKS, WOMENS 24 MRN/A015524149
SLACKS, WOMENS W/B 10 JRS68736015524620
SLACKS, WOMENS W/B 12 WTS68736015524700
SLACKS, WOMENS W/B 8 WRS68736015524693
SLACKS, WOMENS W/B 8 MLS68736015524654
SLACKS, WOMENS W/B 10 WRS68736015524696
SLACKS, WOMENS WO/B 6 MRS68804015524106
SLCKS WOMENS 16JRLS68804015524093
SLK WM BLU W/B 12 JSN/A015524621
SLK WM BLU W/B 12 MLN/A015524662
SLK WM BLU W/B 12 MRN/A015524660
SLK WM BLU W/B 12JRN/A015524622
SLK WM BLU W/B 14 JRN/A015524626
SLK WM BLU W/B 14 MRN/A015524664
SLK WM BLU W/B 16 JRN/A015524641
SLK WM BLU W/B 16 WLN/A015524708
SLK WM BLU W/B 18 MRN/A015524673
SLK WM BLU W/B 20 MRN/A015524675
SLK WM BLU W/B 22 MRN/A015524678
SLK WM BLU W/B 8 MRN/A015524653
SLK WM BLU WOB 10 JRN/A015524070
SLK WM BLU WOB 10 MSN/A015524118
SLK WM BLU WOB 12 MLN/A015524127
SLK WM BLU WOB 12 MRN/A015524124
SLK WM BLU WOB 12 WLN/A015524195
SLK WM BLU WOB 12 WRN/A015524193
SLK WM BLU WOB 8 WRN/A015524182
SLK WM W/O B 26 MR S68804015524152
SLK WM WB 18 JRCS68736015524633
SLK WM WB 20 JRCS68804015524636
SLK WM WB 20 WRS68804015525053
SLK WM WB 22 WRS68804015525055
SLK WM WB 14JTS68804015524628
SLK WM WB 16JTS68804015524632
SLK WM WB 18JTS68804015524634
SLK WM WB 22MTS68804015524679
SLK WM WB 6 MTS68804015524646
SLK WM WB 8 WTS68736015524694
SLK WM WOB 16 WRS68804015524203
SLK WM WOB 20 JRS68804015524097
SLK WM WOB 20 WRS68804015524216
SLK WM WOB 24 WRS68804015524219
SLK WMN WB 20WTS68736015525054
SLK WMN WB 22WTS68736015525056
SLK WMN WB 24MRS68736015524680
SLK WMN WB 24WRS68736015525057
SLK WMN WB 26MRS68736015524684
SLKS WOMEN'S 18 W RS68804015524206
SLKS WOMEN'S W/B 18WRS68736015524922
SLKS WOMEN'S WOB 14W RS68804015524199
TROSUERS MEN W/B 44 LT57174015521964
TROSUERS, MEN W/O B 34SN/A015523381
TROUSER'S MEN 26RT85764015523355
TROUSER'S MEN'S 31 LN/A015523370
TROUSER'S MEN'S 31 RN/A015523368
TROUSER'S MEN'S 32 RGN/A015523374
TROUSER'S MEN'S 33 SN/A015523378
TROUSER'S MEN'S 35 SN/A015523388
TROUSER'S MEN'S 35 LN/A015523389
TROUSER'S MEN'S 35 RN/A015523390
TROUSER'S MEN'S 36 RN/A015523392
TROUSER, MEN 32LN/A015523377
TROUSER, MEN 39SN/A015523401
TROUSER, MEN 44LN/A015523421
TROUSER. MEN 38SN/A015523397
TROUSERS MEN W/B 39 ST57174015521946
TROUSERS MEN W/B 44 RT57174015521962
TROUSERS MEN W/O B 37 L T85764015523396
TROUSERS MEN WB 31RT57174015521782
TROUSERS MEN WB 38RT57174015521944
TROUSERS MEN WB 41RT57174015521958
TROUSERS MEN WO/B 33 LT85764015523380
TROUSERS MEN'S WOB 30LT85764015523365
TROUSERS MENS W/B 37 ST57174015521936
TROUSERS MENS WO/B 34 LT85764015523386
TROUSERS, MEN 44RN/A015523416
TROUSERS, MEN W/O B 34RN/A015523385
TROUSERS, MEN W/O B 36LN/A015523393
TROUSERS, MEN W/O B 37SN/A015523394
TROUSERS, MEN W/O B 38LN/A015523400
TROUSERS, MEN W/O B 38RN/A015523398
TROUSERS, MEN W/O B 39RN/A015523402
TROUSERS, MEN W/O B 40 RN/A015523405
TROUSERS, MEN 37 RN/A015523395
TROUSERS, MEN'S 41LT85764015523413
TROUSERS, MEN'S 41RT85764015523411
TROUSERS, MEN'S 42RT85764015523414
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 32 RT57174015521789
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 34 RT57174015521801
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 34 ST57174015521800
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 35 LT57174015521818
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 35 RT57174015521806
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 36 LT57174015521935
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 36 RT57174015521820
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 36 ST57174015521817
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 38 ST57174015521942
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 40 RT57174015521955
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 30 LT57174015521767
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 30 RT57174015521764
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 31 LT57174015521788
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 32 LT57174015521793
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 32 ST57174015521787
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 33 LT57174015521798
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 33 ST57174015521796
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 35 ST57174015521805
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 36 XLT57174015657974
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 37 LT57174015521939
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 38 LT57174015521945
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 39 LT57174015521950
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 39 RT57174015521949
TROUSERS, MEN'S W/ 46 RT57174015521982
TROUSERS, MENS 33RT57174015521797
TROUSERS, MENS 42RT57174015521961